How Can I Check My AutoZone Rewards?

How do I claim my AutoZone rewards?

In order to redeem your Rewards online, you must register your AutoZone Rewards account online.

To do so please click here:

If you are registered and logged in, upon checkout, you have the option to redeem your Reward online on the Order Summary & Payment page..

What AutoZone sells?

Each AutoZone store carries an extensive product line for cars, sport utility vehicles, vans and light trucks, including new and remanufactured automotive hard parts, maintenance items, accessories, and non-automotive products.

How does AutoZone store pickup work?

Pick up your parts by walking into the store or from your car with curbside pickup. All you need is your credit card, photo ID and order confirmation. If you paid with PayPal, make sure to bring an email confirmation with a photo ID. … Once you arrive and call, a friendly AutoZoner will bring your order out to your car.

Can I check my AutoZone warranty online?

No, you cannot. Autozone warranty information is accessible by Autozone employees only, at the store itself. … If you need to return a part under warranty, you need to take it to any AutoZone store.

Do AutoZone Rewards expire?

Rewards expire 3 months (90 days) from the day the Reward was issued. AutoZone Rewards members registered in the State of Maine are an exception to the expiration rules.

What is AutoZone merchandise credit?

For the appropriate number of Credits earned by Member, as determined by the State in which the Member enrolled, the Member will receive a reward of one (1) $20 merchandise credit (“20 Reward Dollars”) to be used at participating AutoZone stores and online.

Can AutoZone look up my receipt?

Yes, AutoZone can look up receipts within the last three months, an AutoZone regional manager said. … But, if you lost your receipt and you’re looking to make a return within 90 days of purchase, your nearest AutoZone should be able to look up your purchase.

Do you need a receipt for AutoZone warranty?

To return a product to an AutoZone store, return an item in its original condition and packaging, with receipt, within 90 days of the purchase date to request a refund. Return a defective item within the warranty period. Requests for refunds may be denied if the item has been used or installed.

How long is a limited lifetime warranty?

A Limited Lifetime Warranty is a warranty against defect in materials or workmanship under normal use and service after proper installation and is valid for the life of the part as long as you own the vehicle in which it is installed.