How Is Built Up Area Measured?

What is difference between carpet and built up area?

What is the difference between carpet area and built-up area.

Carpet area is the area that can actually be covered by a carpet while built-up area is the area that comes after adding carpet area and wall area..

Does built up area include balcony?

‘Built-up Area’ is the carpet area plus the areas covered by inside and outside walls, balconies and verandahs attached to the unit for exclusive use.

Is stamp duty calculated on carpet area?

The exclusion of area covered by external walls, services shafts, balcony, verandah, open terrace should be done while calculating carpet area. Furthermore, Stamp duty for open balconies adjacent to the flat shall be charged only 40% of the total sale price of the said property.

Does balcony come in carpet area?

According to the RERA, carpet area is defined as ‘the net usable floor area of an apartment, excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under services shafts, exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area, but includes the area covered by the internal partition walls of the apartment’.

How do you find the salable area?

Super built-up area- Carpet area + terrace + balconies + areas occupied by walls + area occupied by common/shared construction (e.g. lift, stairs, clubhouse, etc). Generally, builders use loading factor on the carpet area to arrive at the super built-up area. Generally, the super built-up area is the saleable area.

What is total Builtup area?

Built-up area is the total area measured on the outer line of your flat, including balcony, terrace, etc. It refers to the usable (or carpet area as described below) of your flat plus the area occupied by the walls and columns of your flat plus a little more.

What is built up size?

A built-up or built-in area refers to the total area that is being constructed or developed. Land area refers to the total area of land that the building sits on.

Is covered area and built up area same?

Carpet area: It is the area within the walls OR the actual area where you can lay the carpet. Carpet area is approximately 75% of the super-built-up area. Covered area: It is the actual area under the roof +walls, pillars & balconies. It is approximately 8 – 10% more than the carpet area.

Is toilet included in carpet area?

Carpet Area – As the name suggests, Carpet Area means the space where you can lay a carpet in the flat like a bedroom, living room, hall, Kitchen, toilets & bath. so Carpet area does not include the thickness of the inner walls. It is the actual used area of an apartment.

Is balcony included in FSI?

Balcony and Open Air Space are not considered while calculating Floor Space Index(FSI).

Does floor area include balcony?

Subject to sub-paragraph (b), for the purposes of regulations 19, 20, 21 and 22, the gross floor area of a building shall be the area contained within the external walls of the building measured at each floor level (including any floor below the level of the ground), together with the area of each balcony in the …

How is built up area calculated?

How to calculate built-up area? Logically, built-up area = carpet area + areas covered by walls. Generally, it is 10-15 per cent more than the carpet area. … So, if built up area is 1,000 sq ft, it implies that 30 per cent i.e. the 300 sq ft is not usable while 700 sq ft is the remaining area that will be used.