Question: How Do I Cancel A Carparts Order?

How do I contact CarParts com?

For any further assistance, please contact us via phone (1-866-529-0412) or email to speak with a customer service representative..

How long does it take for a mechanic to order parts?

For newer and more common vehicles, though, it can take much less time—even as little as one to two days.

Is it cheaper to go to a dealership or mechanic?

The best thing an automotive cheapskate with an old car can do is find an honest independent mechanic. Plus, indie mechanics are almost always cheaper than the dealership (although if they don’t know what they’re doing, obviously they can be more expensive because you’ll have to re-fix whatever they screwed up).

What is the best website to buy auto parts?

6 reputable and affordable places to shop for car parts online — according to a car enthusiastAdvance Auto Parts. Shutterstock. Shop all auto parts and accessories at Advance Auto Parts now. … Pep Boys. Chris Urso/TBO. … Walmart. Shutterstock. … Amazon. Amazon. … eBay Motors. eBay. … Tire Buyer. Tire Buyer.

Is discount body parts reputable?

Not at all, Discount Auto Parts is a marvelous company! Having received a wrong part they refunded the cost of the part, handling and shipping. … I highly recommend Discount Auto Parts to anyone who asks.

How do I return a CarParts com order?

RETURNSCall our Returns Desk at 1-866-529-0412 and select Option #3.Ask for an RMA number and instructions on returning your core.Once you have an RMA number, simply mail the core back to the address provided along with a copy of your original receipt within sixty (60) days.

Can you get a refund on a car battery?

Short Answer: You can usually return a new, unused car battery, but policies vary by retailer. … For batteries that aren’t working properly, you may be able to get a replacement or a refund if the battery is still under warranty. For more information on returning a car battery, including warranty information, see below.

How long does a refund take from Euro Car Parts?

Your outstanding refund is then processed by our accounts department back to your original payment method. This process typically takes 5-7 working days. When returning your products please remember to include your original invoice, without this it may delay your refund.

Can you return a used battery to Walmart?

Short Answer: Walmart accepts car battery returns and exchanges within 90 days of purchase if you have the receipt and original packaging. Without the receipt, you can exchange the battery, get a cash refund, or get a store credit, depending on the price of the battery.

Can I sue my mechanic for taking too long?

You would have to go to Small Claims or District Court, depending on the amount of money sued for. You will probably need another mechanic to look at the car and tell you how much it is going to cost to finish it.

Who pays the most for used batteries?

Where to Sell Used Car Batteries- Getting the Most Money for Your Old BatteriesAuto parts store. … Scrapyards. … Metal Recycling Center. … Craigslist. … Auto Repair Shops. … Pawn Shops. … Newspaper Ads. … 8. Facebook Marketplace. Another great place to sell your used battery is Facebook Marketplace.More items…•

Where does CarParts com ship from? sells auto parts and accessories to customers in the continental United States. It operates warehouses in LaSalle, Illinois, Chesapeake, Virginia, and Las Vegas, Nevada. ships its products via air or truck freight.

Can I trust CarParts com?

CarParts has a consumer rating of 2.98 stars from 503 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.

How can I tell if my mechanic is lying?

How to Tell If Your Mechanic Lied to YouFirst, learn how your car works. … Learn the tactics mechanics use to get you to spend money. … They’re wasting extra time so you’ll spend that extra dime. … Some mechanics will tell you a blatant lie about work they haven’t done. … The wallet flush is real. … They may be using the check engine light to run up repair bills.More items…

Can I return a used car battery to Walmart?

In the event you have an unused car battery that you no longer need, Walmart’s return policy states you have 90 days from the date of purchase to return it. The form (cash, debit/credit, or store credit) of your refund will be determined by the method of original payment, and whether or not you have a receipt.