Question: What Do You Do If You Don’T Like Your Roommate?

How do you tell if your roommate hates you?

20 Signs Your Roommate Hates You (and it’s All Your Fault)You’re Home 24/7.

You Let Your Sticky Notes Do the Talking.

You Never Clean.

You Leave a Trail.

You Ignore the Trash Pile Sitting Next to the Trash Can.

You Don’t Replace the Toilet Paper Roll.

You Pig Out (on Their Food) …

Your Partner is Like a Roommate…But Doesn’t Pay Up.More items…•.

How do I tell my roommate I don’t want to live with her?

Make sure you reiterate that you care about her and don’t want to hurt her feelings. Say that this has been a really hard decision but you feel like this is what’s best. Remind her again that you care about her. Apologize if you did hurt her feelings and tell her that was not your intention.

How do I drive my roommate crazy?

How To Drive Your Roommate CrazyInsist that you are a vegetarian and protest anytime your roommate eats meat. … Get some hair. … Every time your roommate walks in yell, “Hooray! … Trash the room when your roommate’s not around. … Every time you see your roommate yell, “You jerk” and kick him/her in the stomach. … Set your roommate’s bed on fire.More items…

What do you do if you don’t like your roommate?

I don’t like my roommate, what can I do?Avoid each other. While this is not an advised strategy (as it never actually addresses the issues a hand), it is one that many people employ. … Do some introspection and think about why you dislike them. … Speak to them. … Talk to your landlord. … Learn to like them. … Leave.

How do I stop being annoyed with my roommate?

It all comes down to communicating with your roommates in an empathic and kind way. Try not to be confrontational without sensitivity. Talk in person whenever possible and don’t use texts, emails, snapchat or Facebook messages to discuss any issues you might be having with them.

How do I get rid of a terrible roommate?

How to Get Rid of a Bad Roommate1 – Do the legal and financial homework. … 2 – Accept that your roommate might not be the one leaving. … 3 – Write an e-mail. … 4 – Sit down and have “The Conversation” … 5 – Offer to pay or help. … 6 – If you need to evict, give official notice.

How do you live with a roommate that you don’t like?

How to Deal with a Roommate You Don’t LikeStep away from the idea that you have to be best friends. … Join clubs. … Don’t be passive aggressive. … Don’t blame everything on her. … Don’t let your annoyance show. … Always be the bigger person. … Just remember—it doesn’t last forever.

Is it normal to hate your roommate?

No matter what the situation, you may find out after a few weeks of living together that you hate your roommate. It isn’t uncommon to hate your roommate. Depending on both of your interests and lifestyles, you may not be the best match. However, most of the time you just have to stick it out.

Is it better to live with a roommate or alone?

If you have a roommate, you’ll probably feel less lonely. But if you crave solo time and really need to be alone to relax and recharge, living with someone else can cramp your style and may even cause stress — even if there are no particular problems between you and your roommate.

How do you deal with a difficult roommate?

If you ask around, it’s not difficult to find roommate horror stories….Make a roommate contract. … Don’t romanticize the situation. … Spot the signs. … Call them in. … Ask for help.