Question: What Does The Term Turnkey Mean?

Which of the following is an advantage of turnkey projects?

The advantages of a turnkey project, some of which are misguiding and the opposite ends up happening: Reduces total contract execution time during the process, by having just one process instead of two separate ones.

This does not necessarily imply less construction time..

What does furnished turnkey mean?

For some listings, it means that there are no major repairs required. For others, it might mean that all furniture is included but no appliances. And for others still, it can include everything from dishes to bedding (um, ew).

What does turnkey solution mean?

ready-to-goDefinition of turnkey solutions: Turnkey solutions are ready-to-go, full package solutions which are easily deployed or implemented in a business.

Where does the term turnkey come from?

1650s, “jailer,” from turn (v.) + key (n.). In reference to a job that only has to be done only once, it is recorded from 1934. The notion probably is of something that can be accomplished with a single turn of a key.

What is the opposite of turnkey?

Turnkey is a word that can be used to describe a solution, a business, or a property. A turnkey solution is the opposite of a custom-built solution.

What is turnkey project example?

Example: Many government-owned public housing projects are turnkey projects. … A private developer undertakes all activities necessary to producing the project, including land purchases, permits, plans, and construction, and sells the project to the housing authority.

Is Turnkey a good idea?

Bottom Line. A turn key home is undoubtedly a great option for both home buyers and real estate investors.

What does the phrase turnkey mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) : built, supplied, or installed complete and ready to operate a turnkey nuclear plant a turnkey computer system also : of or relating to a turnkey building or installation a turnkey contract turnkey vendors.

What does turnkey construction mean?

Turnkey construction is a building solution that drastically simplifies things for the owner of the future project. With this type of project, the contractor is given the responsibility for design and construction work.

What is another word for turnkey?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for turnkey, like: jailer, warden, warder, free, prison-guard, jailor, gaoler, screw, turn-key, multi-utility and pre-integrated.

What is included in a turnkey house?

When a builder advertises a turnkey home, they mean the price they are advertising includes absolute everything that you and your family need to turn the key and move in once the home is complete.