Quick Answer: How Do You Make Sure You Get The Apartment You Want?

How do I choose the right apartment?

How to Pick an ApartmentPick an Area.

A good first step is to pick an area or location that you think you want to live in.

Delineate What You Want.

Determine What You Can Afford.

Do a Quick Scan of the Rental Market.

Perform a Reality Check.

Look at the Reviews.

Visit the Finalists.

Compare Apartments and Ask the Right Questions.More items….

What is the minimum credit score for an apartment?

620Most individuals or companies renting an apartment want credit scores from applicants to be 620 or higher. People with credit scores lower than 620 may indicate they are a high risk renter.

Why would you get denied for an apartment?

Your gross income was inadequate or incorrect The general rule of thumb for how much you should be paying for rent is 30 percent of your gross income. If you applied to an apartment where the rent was more than 30 percent of your gross income, the apartment community could deny you.

How do you make sure you get approved for an apartment?

So it’s important that your application stands out from the crowd in order to get it approved….Preparing your rental applicationProvide all relevant documents. … Have a completed set of documentation for all applicants. … Write a cover letter. … Prove you can pay the rent.More items…•

How do you land an apartment you want?

Here is how to be the best renter you can possibly be.Prepare for the Apartment Viewing Process. … Get A Solid Credit Score. … Come Prepared to Rent. … Control Your Viewing Group. … Clean Up Your Pet Situation. … Learn Move-In Etiquette. … Pay Rent. … Do Not Force Other Tenants to Leave.More items…•