Quick Answer: How Long Does It Take To Switch Gas And Electricity?

What happens to my energy supplier when I move house?

When you move house, you need to contact your gas, electricity, and water suppliers to tell them you’re moving out of your current property.

You’ll then be sent a final bill based on the final meter readings (remember to give your suppliers your new address so they can send this out)..

Do you take your smart meter with you when you move?

No. If your property has a smart meter, you may also have an IHD – a small screen that shows your usage. This is linked to your smart meter and won’t work if you take it elsewhere. If your new home has a smart meter, you should have an IHD waiting for you when you move in.

What utilities do I need to set up when I move?

Types of UtilitiesElectricity.Natural gas.Water and sewer.Cable and internet.Trash pick-up.

How long does it take to switch over electricity?

As a general rule of thumb, it can take up to three months to switch energy providers. Why does it take so long? Well, distributors only read your electricity meter every three months, so this timeframe is necessary for your new retailer to get an accurate reading before they start billing you.

Can you change energy supplier as soon as you move in?

You can only change suppliers from the day you become responsible for the property. Switching will normally take about 21 days, so you’ll have to pay at least one bill with the current supplier.

Is it easy to switch electricity suppliers?

If you’ve decided to part ways with your existing electricity or gas provider, switching is quite a simple process. To change energy providers, generally all you need to do is contact the company you’re looking to switch to, and they will organise the transition from your old retailer on your behalf.

When should you call utilities when moving?

To be safe, it’s best to contact the new provider at least two weeks before your actual move-in date. While many utility companies can do a three- to five-day turnaround, some will need at least a week to 10 days in order to get things set up.

Can I have electricity in two houses?

Yes. You can have more than one account in your name. You can start the new service and stop the old service on different dates and your electricity will not be affected. You will have a separate account number for each service.