Quick Answer: How Would You Describe Airbnb?

What are some descriptive words?

These are some other descriptive words you might find fun:Beautiful.Ugly.Smart.Clever.Gorgeous.Friendly.Happy.Sad.More items….

How do you describe a nice house?

You can use the following adjectives to describe your home:Big.Beautiful.Comfortable.Cosy.Huge.Small.Homely.

How do you write a description?

8 Easy Rules to Write Product Descriptions That SellKnow Who Your Target Audience is.Focus on the Product Benefits.Tell the Full Story.Use Natural Language and Tone.Use Power Words That Sell.Make it Easy to Scan.Optimize for Search Engines.Use Good Product Images.

How do I introduce myself on Airbnb?

Send a nice introduction. When you’re submitting a request to stay, it’s always nice to lead off with why you’re coming to town and who you’ll be coming with. For example, “Hi, I’m Kristin! I live in Nashville and often use Airbnb while traveling.

How do you write a rental description?

How to Write a Short Rental Listing DescriptionStart With the Best Feature. … Choose Two Descriptors for the Apartment. … Give the Basics. … Mention the Neighborhood. … Tell Them What’s Nearby. … Give One Exciting Detail. … Provide More Information About the Rental Property.

What do airbnb stand for?

air mattress bed and breakfastAirbnb is an abbreviation for air mattress bed and breakfast. Unlike traditional bed and breakfast accommodations, however, breakfast is not typically included in a stay. The spelling of Airbnb is a tricky one and many people get it wrong. AirBNB, AirBnB and AirB’n’B are common mistakes.

How do you write a good real estate description?

How to Write a Real Estate Listing Description that SellsDescribe the property accurately. This may seem like a no-brainer, but your real estate listing description should be accurate. … Choose adjectives wisely. … Avoid red flag words. … Include words that add value. … Highlight unique features. … Take notice of punctuation. … Leave out super basic info. … Use great photos.More items…•

How do I write a description on Airbnb?

Writing tips for describing your AirbnbKnow who your audience is and talk to them. … Make your title ‘pop’ off the page.Keep it brief but not generic.Ensure that your words reflect your photos.Structure your description so it is easy to digest.Don’t use meaningless words such as ‘great’, ‘nice’ or ‘lovely’More items…•

What is an Airbnb and how does it work?

Airbnb is an online marketplace which lets people rent out their properties or spare rooms to guests. Airbnb takes 3% commission of every booking from hosts, and between 6% and 12% from guests.