Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Not Applicable?

What is the opposite of applicable?


Antonyms: useless, unavailable, inconducive, inapplicable, irrelevant.

Synonyms: available, ancilla, ry, convenient, useful, pertinent, conducive, appropriate..

What does no longer permitted mean?

: not permitted : disallowed, banned.

Does permitted mean allowed?

Permit means to allow. … To permit means to let someone do something. It comes from the Latin permittere which means “give up, allow to pass through.” You might feel like you “gave up” when you permitted your brother to enter your room.

Is Applicableness a word?

ap·pli·ca·ble adj. Capable of being applied; relevant or appropriate: a rule not applicable in all cases; added the applicable sales tax. ap′pli·ca·bil′i·ty n.

How do you say not applicable?

other words for not applicableimpossible.impractical.improbable.quixotic.silly.unreal.unworkable.floating.

What Do Not applicable mean?

N/A or sometimes n/a is a common abbreviation in tables and lists for the phrase not applicable, not available or no answer. It is used to indicate when information in a certain table cell is not provided, either because it does not apply to a particular case in question or because the answer is not available.

What does Y N mean?

Summary of Key PointsY/NDefinition:Yes/NoType:AbbreviationGuessability:1: Easy to guessTypical Users:Adults and Teenagers

What is the difference between NA and N A?

N/A is short for not available or non applicable. The N/A abbreviation is used to fill in a blank portion of a form, chart, or another document. … NA is also an acronym sometimes used for North American.

What is another word for applicable?

Some common synonyms of applicable are apposite, apropos, germane, material, pertinent, and relevant.

What is antonym of permitted?

Antonyms for permitted. enjoined, forbade. (also forbad), prohibited.

Is not applicable to or for?

It’s not applicable for you. ( Less correct because it does not indicate any motive or reason. If it shows so then we may accept it . Though indicated to be used with a noun ,here it is used with pronoun.

Is the word non applicable?

Not applicable; inapplicable.

What does tolerable mean?

1 : capable of being borne or endured tolerable pain. 2 : moderately good or agreeable : passable a tolerable singing voice. Other Words from tolerable Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about tolerable.

Is not applicable a sentence?

It’s difficult to see not applicable in a sentence . Where this is not applicable, general principles of law will apply. The citizenship process you mentioned is not applicable for all countries. … Judge Stephan ruled in those two complaints that French law was not applicable.

What’s the definition of applicable?

: capable of or suitable for being applied : appropriate statutes applicable to the case A fee is applicable when a scheduled payment is late.

Is Appliable a word?

adjective. Capable of being applied or put to use.

What’s another word for not permitted?

What is another word for not permitted?tabooforbiddenprohibitedbannedoutlawedproscribedinterdictedillegalimpermissibleunmentionable198 more rows

What does NA stand for?

not applicable or not availablealso n/a. convention. NA is a written abbreviation for not applicable or not available.