Quick Answer: Who Is The CEO Of Muthoot Finance?

What is the meaning of Muthoot FinCorp?

Welcome to Muthoot FinCorp Ltd.

As the flagship company of Muthoot Pappachan Group (also known as Muthoot Blue), we have inherited values & principles and have taken the 133+ years legacy forward to empower millions of Indians in their grit & determination to rise above their ordinariness towards an aureate tomorrow..

Who is the founder of Manappuram Gold Loan?

V. C. PadmanabhanManappuram Finance Limited/Founders

Where is the head office of Muthoot Finance?

Kochi, IndiaMuthoot Finance/Headquarters

What is the difference between Muthoot Finance and Muthoot Fincorp?

Just to be clear, Muthoot Fincorp and Muthoot Finance are two separate companies without any common promoters. Muthoot Fincorp is headed by Thomas John Muthoot, while Muthoot Finance is headed by M G George Muthoot. While the two promoters are family cousins, they have no mutual business relations.

Which bank is best for gold loan?

Best Banks for Gold LoanBankInterest RatesLoan AmountManappuram12.00%₹ 1,000Federal Bank8.50%₹ 1,000Muthoot11.99%₹ 1,500IIFL9.24%₹ 3,0001 more row

Does Muthoot Finance buy gold?

We buy Gold from the customer for market value and promise to provide the right amount for Gold. The process is 100% transparent and efficient. … Advanced XRF machines are used to check values, weight and purity of the Gold. At Muthoot Gold Point, the customers can sell Gold for cash.

Is taking gold loan Safe?

For instance, the rate of interest on these loans is between 10% and 24% per annum. In comparison, personal loans charge 16-26 % per annum, depending on your credit profile. Therefore, “it is better to take a loan against gold than a personal loan as the rates will be lower—since this type of loan is secured.

Who is the CEO of Muthoot Fincorp?

Ltd. Focused and meticulous, Preethi John has made her presence felt as one of the board directors in several companies functioning under the aegis of the Muthoot Pappachan Group.

Is Muthoot finance a bank?

The company was incorporated as a private limited company on 14 March 1997 with the name “The Muthoot Finance Private Limited” under the Companies Act. … In May 2018, Muthoot Finance acquired Muthoot Money, a Non Deposit taking Non-Banking Financial Company.

What is muthoot blue?

For existing customers of Muthoot Fincorp Limited. … Muthoot Blue eases most of your servicing needs such as loan account details, loan statements, interest and principal remittances etc. You can even apply for Gold Loans and other services.

How do I pay interest on Muthoot Finance?

How to Make Muthoot Finance Online EMI Payment?Go to Muthoot Finance loan payment page on Paytm.Enter your Loan Account Number.Click on ‘Get Payable Amount’Check your payable amount and proceed with the payment with the mode of your preference.You are done with it.

Does Muthoot Finance give personal loan?

Muthoot Finance offers both secured and unsecured personal loans to select categories of the applicants. You can avail a personal loan for an amount as low as Rs. 50,000 with minimal documentation and quick disbursal from Muthoot Finance.

Is Muthoot Finance reliable?

1 Most Trusted Financial Services Brand* *As per Power of Trust TRA Brand Trust Report (2016-2019), Muthoot Finance is India’s No. 1 Most Trusted Financial Services Brand for the year 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 consecutively.

How can I get loan from Muthoot?

Muthoot Personal Loan DocumentsIncome Tax PAN Copy.Identity Proof – Driving License/ PAN/ Passport/ Voter ID/ Aadhaar Card.

How much is gold loan per gram in muthoot?

Muthoot Gold Loan Rate Per Gram by Gold PurityGold PurityGold rate per gram- average of past 30 daysMuthoot lowest Gold Loan per gram22 carat₹ 47,909₹ 2,80320 carat₹ 43,553₹ 2,54818 carat₹ 39,198₹ 2,293

What is a gold loan?

Gold loan (also called loan against gold) is a secured loan taken by the borrower from a lender by pledging their gold articles (within a range of 18-24 carats) as collateral. The loan amount provided is a certain percentage of the gold, typically upto 80%, based on the current market value and quality of gold.

Who is the owner of Muthoot Finance?

Muthoot Finance Ltd was incorporated on March 14 1997 as a private company with the name The Muthoot Finance Pvt Ltd. The company is promoted by M G George Muthoot George Thomas Muthoot George Jacob Muthoot and George Alexander Muthoot.

Who is the chairman of Muthoot Finance?

M G George MuthootThe Muthoot Group/Chairpersons